Nedgroup Investments Stable Fund (Class C)



The Nedgroup Stable fund is a relatively conservative fund which is managed by Dave Foord from Foord Asset Management. The fund is a low equity, multi asset domestic fund, although it does invest in foreign assets (up to 25%).


Nedgroup Investments Stable Fund (Class C) Fact Sheet

Suitable for investors who...

  • Are saving for retirement
  • Are looking for capital protection (in real terms), rather than trying to maximise capital appreciation.
  • Are not requiring complex asset allocation decision making.


Inflation + 4% per annum over rolling three year periods.


The fund is diversified across a range of assets, including equity, bonds, property and cash. The fund is compliant with the prudential guidelines which govern pension funds.
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Fund performance

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Fund managers

Dave Foord

Dave Foord

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