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Ninety One Cautious Managed Fund

Code: CMFA

Overview of Ninety One Cautious Managed Fund

Ninety One Cautious Managed Fund is a conservative portfolio, which strongly focuses on capital protection by limiting its equity exposure. It offers implicit market downside protection and lower variation of returns than traditional balanced funds. The Ninety One Cautious Managed Fund aims to beat inflation as well as grow capital and income over the medium term, with the objective of beating its peer group average. The fund achieves its strategy through active asset allocation and stock selection decisions. The fund is defensively positioned and invests in stocks which provide consistent performance regardless of the state of the overall stock market.

Fund performance

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Suitable for investors who...

  • Seek inflation beating returns, that
  • Want a fund which provides income as well as capital appreciation
  • Want lower volatility than typical balanced funds
  • Want a defensive investment – one which provides stable earnings, regardless of the state or cycle of the economy


The Ninety One Cautious Managed Fund aims to beat the average of its peer group, measured over a three year rolling period.

Strategy of Ninety One Cautious Managed Fund

The Ninety One Cautious Managed Fund invests in equity and fixed interest investments that are both South African and international. The fund manages risk by limiting the equity exposure to 40% and offshore exposure to 15%. When selecting stocks, a value-based approach is used, with particular preference to those stocks that provide consistent performance undeterred by business cycles.

Fund managers

Clyde Rossouw

Clyde Rossouw

Duane Cable

Sumesh Chetty

Sumesh Chetty

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