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Foord Flexible Fund of Funds


Overview of Foord Flexible Fund of Funds

The Foord Flexible Fund of Fund’s flexible mandate means that it is not restricted by regulations and gives the fund manager, Dave Foord, the freedom to continually reflect Foord’s best investment views. Flexible funds may change their strategies in order to achieve their objectives; they do not need to adhere to any set company sizes, asset allocations or investment vehicles. The fund seeks to achieve returns that are five percent above the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Fund performance

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Suitable for investors who...

  • Seek balanced exposure to both South African and offshore assets
  • require long-terms inflation beating total returns, but who do not require a high income yield.


Consumer Price Index (CPI) + 5%

Strategy of Foord Flexible Fund of Funds

The Foord Flexible Fund of Funds has a high exposure to equity, both domestic and foreign. The fund’s strategy is to take advantage of global diversification and seek valuable opportunities around the world, regardless of their geographic location.

Fund managers

Dave Foord

Dave Foord

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