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Foord Balanced Fund

Code: FGBF

Overview of Foord Balanced Fund

The Foord Balanced Fund aims to achieve stable income growth as well as the preservation of capital, on a real return basis (i.e to achieve returns over and above the effects of inflation). The risk of loss is lower than that of a pure equity fund. Risk of loss is lower in periods greater than one year, but high in periods shorter than six months.

Fund performance

Source: Profile Data


Suitable for investors who...

  • Are medium to long-term investors saving for retirement.
  • have a long term investment horizon, whose risk tolerance is below that of a pure equity investor
  • want active asset allocation decision making, within the prudential guidelines.


The market value weighted average total return of the South African- Multi Asset- High Equity unit trust sector, excluding the Foord Balanced Fund.

Strategy of Foord Balanced Fund

The Foord Balanced Fund may invest in all JSE listed companies, as well as listed properties, collective investment schemes, foreign assets and fixed income investments. Relative to the market, the fund is overweight in industrials and underweight in financials and resources. The Foord Balanced Fund's restrictions include maximum equity exposure of 75% and maximum offshore exposure of 25%. This fund complies with pension fund investment regulations (Regulation 28).

Fund Managers

Daryll Owen

Dave Foord

Dave Foord

Nick Balkin

William Fraser

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