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Foord Equity Fund

Code: FEQF

Overview of Foord Equity Fund

The Foord Equity Fund’s objective is to beat the South African equity market and achieve higher returns than the FTSE/JSE without taking on more risk. The fund achieves its strategy through active stock selection and asset allocation, together with risk management tools.

Fund performance

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Suitable for investors who...

  • Are equity investors wanting to achieve higher returns that what the market and associated passive instruments such as ETFs can achieve, without assuming greater risk.
  • Have a long term investment horizon and can tolerate short term market fluctuations.


Total return of the FTSE/JSE All Share Index. This includes both capital and income.

Strategy of Foord Equity Fund

The Foord Equity Fund's top three equity investments are Aspen, BHP Billiton and Sasol. The sector which the fund has the greatest exposure to is the consumer goods sector. The fund is overweight in industrials and financials, relative to the overall market. The fund does not invest offshore.

Fund Managers

Dane Schrauwen

Dane Schrauwen

Dave Foord

Dave Foord


Nicholas Balkin

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