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Coronation Market Plus Fund

Code: CMPF

Overview of Coronation Market Plus Fund

Coronation Market Plus Fund aims to maximise long-term investment growth, at lower levels of risk than a fund that is only invested in shares.

Fund performance

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Suitable for investors who...

Long-term investors who are building wealth and
  • can stay invested for at least five years (preferably longer);
  • seek to preserve the purchasing power of their savings over the long term by investing in a diversified portfolio;
  • are not dependent on an income from their investment;
  • who do not need to accept the investment constraints applicable to retirement savers.


Composite: 52.5% equity, 22.5% bonds, 5% cash, 20% international

Strategy of Coronation Market Plus Fund

Coronation Market Plus Fund can invest in a wide range of assets such as shares, bonds, listed property and cash, both in South Africa and internationally. It will typically have a strong bias towards shares, which offer the highest expected long-term returns. But unlike an equity fund, it does not have to remain fully invested in shares when we believe the stock market is too expensive. Foreign investments (excluding Africa) may represent up to 35% of its assets. The fund is mandated to use derivative instruments for efficient portfolio management purposes.

Fund Managers

Neville Chester

Neville Chester

Nicholas Stein

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