Coronation Balanced Defensive Fund

Code: COBA


The Coronation Balanced Defensive Fund is a lower risk alternative to the Coronation Capital Plus fund and is for investors requiring a growing regular income. Other than providing a reasonable level of current income, the fund’s two core objectives are to accomplish both short term capital preservation as well as long term growth. To achieve this, the fund managers seek to reduce volatility of short term returns in order to preserve capital over any 12-month period. Although there is emphasis on short term capital preservation, this portfolio is constructed to also produce reasonable real returns in the long term.


Coronation Balanced Defensive Fund Fact Sheet

Suitable for investors who...

  • Require a growing regular income.
  • Are risk averse and not willing or able to tolerate volatile returns
  • Require a conservative investment with a reasonable return over an investment horizon of at least three years.


The Coronation Balanced Defensive Fund aims to achieve both short term capital preservation in real terms as well as long term growth. provide a reasonable level of current income. The fund’s benchmark is CPI +  3%


The Coronation Balanced Defensive Fund complies with the regulations governing retirement annuities. The fund is diversified across all asset classes and sectors. Only a maximum of 50% of its investments may be held in growth assets like shares and listed property.
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Fund performance

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Fund managers

Charles de Kock

Charles de Kock

Duane Cable

Duane Cable

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