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Coronation Balanced Defensive Fund

Code: COBA

Overview of Coronation Balanced Defensive Fund

The fund is tactically managed to protect and grow capital, as well as secure an attractive income. A large and experienced investment team actively seeks out the best potential opportunities for income and growth, while taking great care to consider the different risks within the fund. Balanced Defensive is specifically managed to not lose money over any 12- month period, although it cannot guarantee protection against losses.

Fund performance

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Suitable for investors who...

  • Pensioners and other investors requiring an income, especially those in the second half of retirement.
  • Living annuity investors seeking a fund that aims to achieve both income and capital growth.
  • Cautious pre-retirement investors seeking a low-risk fund for their retirement annuity, provident fund, preservation fund or pension fund.
  • Trusts, endowments, foundations and charities who require long-term funding of a moderate spending rule.
  • The fund is not appropriate for investors who want to build wealth over more than five years


CPI + 3% p.a

Strategy of Coronation Balanced Defensive Fund

Balanced Defensive is in the first instance managed to protect capital over any 12-month period. In addition, they aim to achieve reasonable investment growth over the long run. It is specifically managed to suit very cautious investors who want to draw an income over an extended period of time.

Fund Managers

Charles de Kock

Charles de Kock

neil young fund manager

Neill Young

Pallavi Ambekar

Pallavi Ambekar

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