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Coronation Global Managed [ZAR] Feeder Fund

Code: COGM

Overview of Coronation Global Managed Feeder Fund

The Coronation Global Managed (ZAR) Feeder Fund reflects Coronation’s best views from around the world, across countries, currencies and asset classes. This fund is a growth-oriented multi-asset offshore fund and provides managed exposure to global asset classes. The fund is bias towards equity, but can invest in all listed asset classes. The fund aims to outperform the global markets with the objective of maximising risk-adjusted returns available from a global portfolio. The fund is broadly diversified across countries, which includes mainly developed economies as well as emerging market economies. This fund would complement an investor’s existing portfolio of domestic assets.

Fund performance

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Suitable for investors who...

  • seek a single international investment that will give them access to some of the best opportunities around the globe.
  • require investment growth over the long term and accept the possibility of volatility and the risk of short-term losses.
  • do not require an income from their investment.


Composite 60% MSCI All Country World Index and 40% Barclays Global Bond Aggregrate

Strategy of Coronation Global Managed (ZAR) Feeder Fund

Fund Manager

Neil Padoa

Neil Padoa

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