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Allan Gray Bond Fund

Code: AGBD

Overview of Allan Gray Bond Fund

The Allan Gray Bond fund is a moderately conservative fund that invests in interest baring domestic securities. The fund aims to give good returns over the long term, with the aim of outperforming the All Bond Index. As the fund invests a large portion of its assets into local bonds, the South African interest rate has a significant influence in its performance.


Allan Gray Bond Fund Fact Sheet

Suitable for investors who...

  • Want a stable long term investment
  • Want lower volatility than directly investing into bonds
  • Want a fund manager to handle bond investment


The Allan Gray Bond Fund aims to beat South African direct bond investment.

Strategy of Allan Gray Bond Fund

The Allan Gray Bond Fund invests in Bonds and Money Market Instruments in the following way: Government bonds (33.2%), State owned enterprises, government guaranteed (16.2%), State owned enterprises, not government guaranteed (12.7%), Corporate Bonds (23.5%) and Money Market Instruments (14.4%).
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Fund performance

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Fund managers

Andrew Lapping

Andrew Lapping

Sandy McGregor

Sandy McGregor

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