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Allan Gray Bond Fund

Code: AGBD

Overview of Allan Gray Bond Fund

The Fund invests in South African interest bearing securities. Securities include national government, parastatal, municipal, corporate bonds and money market instruments. The Fund price is sensitive to interest rate movements because of the long-term nature of the Fund’s investments. The duration of the Fund may differ materially from the benchmark. The Fund is managed to comply with investment limits governing retirement funds.

Fund performance

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Suitable for investors who...

  • Seek a bond ‘building block’ for a diversified multi-asset class portfolio
  • Are looking for returns in excess of those provided by money market or cash investments
  • Are prepared to accept more risk of capital depreciation than in a money market or cash investment


The Bond Fund’s goal is to deliver returns that exceed inflation and cash over the long term, without taking on undue risk. The Fund’s benchmark is the FTSE/JSE All Bond Index.

Strategy of Allan Gray Bond Fund

The fund aims to balance credit risk, duration risk and liquidity risk when selecting investments. Allan Gray targets total returns for investors rather than trying to mirror the returns of the FTSE/JSE All Bond Index. When Allan Gray cannot find value in the bond markets, their portfolio will be weighted towards cash to get better returns.

Fund Manager

Londa Nxumalo

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