Allan Gray Orbis Global Optimal Fund of Funds

Code: AGOO


Allan Gray invests into a variety of funds managed by their offshore partner, Orbis. These selected funds are those that are designed to give positive returns, even in volatile times. This fund is positioned in such a way to give stable and defensive returns, even in a market downturn.


Allan Gray Orbis Global Optimal Fund of Funds Fact Sheet

Suitable for investors who...

  • Want a long term stable investment with above average returns
  • Want offshore exposure
  • Want a defensive investment, one which provides stable earnings regardless of the state or cycle of the global or local economy


The fund aims to outperform the mean of its underlying Orbis funds.


The fund invests in both the US$ Orbis Optimal fund and the Euro Orbis Optimal fund, 71% and 29% respectively. When selecting stocks, Allan Gray has a specific long-term approach by which they consistently base their stock selection on. The fund invests 4% into equities, 84% into hedged equities and 12% into currency.
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Fund performance

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Fund managers

Ian Liddle

Ian Liddle

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