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PSG Equity Fund Class E

Code: PSGG

Overview of PSG Equity Fund

This fund invests in equi􀀇es and can be up to 25% in foreign companies, with the balance in companies listed in South Africa. This fund should produce the highest real (above infla􀀇on) returns over the longterm. The fund sits at the top end of the risk/return spectrum and investors in this fund should be comfortable with stock market fluctuations and should have an investment horizon of seven years and longer.


PSG Equity Fund Class E Fact Sheet

Suitable for investors who...

The fund is suitable for investors who:
  • seek an equity focused portfolio that has outstanding growth potential
  • aim to maximise potential returns within an acceptable risk profile
  • focus on a longterm investment horizon


FTSE/JSE All Share Total Return Index

Strategy of PSG Equity Fund (Class E)

The fund is a general equity fund and the managers in selecting securities for the portfolio, will seek to offer investors longterm capital growth and earn a higher rate of return than that of the South African equity market as represented by the All Share Index including income, without assuming a greater risk.
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Fund performance

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Fund managers

Shaun Le Roux

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