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M&G Inflation Plus Fund

Code: PRIP

Overview of M&G Inflation Plus Fund

The M&G Inflation Plus fund is a moderately conservative fund which aims to provide investors with returns well above inflation (CPI+5%) over a rolling three year period. Its secondary objective is to mitigate capital loss. As the M&G Inflation Plus Fund falls into the category of 'targeted absolute and real return funds' it is ideal for investors aiming to remove the uncertainty surrounding inflation when planning for retirement.

Fund performance

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Suitable for investors who...

  • Want to protect the purchasing power parity of their investments by preserving their capital through achieving returns that are above inflation.
  • Want a multi-asset class, diversified portfolio with low to medium risk


Consumer Price Index (CPI) + 5% over a rolling three year period.

Strategy of M&G Inflation Plus Fund

The M&G Inflation Plus Fund invests in both international and domestic assets, providing a diversified portfolio of actively managed investments. The fund complies with the M&G regulations governing retirement annuities.

Fund Managers

albert arntz

Albert Arntz

Michael Moyle

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