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M&G Equity Fund

Code: PRUO

Overview of M&G Equity Fund

The M&G Equity fund uses an aggressive equity strategy in superior stock selection in order to achieve returns that are above its peer group average, without assuming more risk. This fund is targeted to investors who have a long term time horizon and are able to spend time in the market in order to take full advantage of the fund managers’ long term investment strategy.

Fund performance

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Suitable for investors who...

  • Are willing and able to take on risk in order to achieve above average returns in the long term


South African Equity General Portfolio Unit Trust Mean

Strategy of M&G Equity Fund

The M&G Equity Fund uses fundamental research to seek out assets which the fund managers believe are value funds. These are funds which have growth potential and are considered to be undervalued by the market. The managers try to target various different types of return over time, including increased market valuation, high dividend yield as well as earnings growth.

Fund Managers

Chris Wood

Chris Wood

Rehana Khan

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