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Prescient Balanced Fund

Code: PRBA2


The Prescient Balanced Fund aims to achieve significant real returns over the long term and to outperform the ASISA category average of the South African Multi-Asset High Equity funds over a full market cycle by maintaining meaningful exposure to growth assets like equities.

Fund performance

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Suitable for Investors Who:

  • Seek inflation beating real returns over the long term but who are cost conscious.
  • Want a Regulation 28 compliant fund.
  • Have an investment horizon of 5-10-years.


  • SWIX Allshare Capped (TR) 22.50%
  • Allshare (TR) 22.50 %
  • All Bond Index (TR) 12%
  • STeFI 13%
  • SAPY (TR) 5%
  • MSCI World (TR) 20%
  • US 1 Month TB 5%


The Prescient Balanced Fund invests across various asset classes, including domestic and offshore equities and interest-bearing instruments. The fund uses long-term strategic asset allocation. The asset allocation varies tactically to outperform the benchmark by capitalising on signals of significant market mispricing. Where possible, a process of enhanced indexation is utilised within asset classes to deliver stable incremental alpha.

Fund Manager

Prescient Balanced Team

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