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The digital age of financial planning

Investonline continues to provide investors with new and innovative ways to manage their financial plan online and engage with our team of professional Client Portfolio Managers.

We have launched our new state-of-the-art financial planning tools and we help clients create their plans through telephone, video meetings and screen-sharing technology.

There are so many important aspects to managing your investments: having the right tax structure, estate plan, risk profile, investment strategy, enough liquidity, best administrator, personalised service and ongoing expert advice. This should all combine into a personalised financial plan that we can compile for you at Investonline.

Our 3-step digital financial planning process consists of the following:

Complete the financial questionnaire

We collect your financial information through our secure online financial questionnaire – click here. You can contact us to request a document version of the questionnaire if you prefer.

We will discuss various financial planning scenarios with you

One of our Client Portfolio Managers will contact you to schedule a financial planning session. During the session we can model different financial scenarios with you, which will include planning for your investment strategy, expenses, lifestyle goals, tax efficiency and investment liquidity.

We will implement your plan and review its positioning regularly

Your investments will be implemented as per your personalised financial plan and your Client Portfolio Manager will review your plan and investment strategy with you regularly, to ensure that they both stay up to date. This will be a proactive relationship with you to discuss your objectives as they change, as well as our market views and strategies.

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