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Satrix MSCI World Equity Index Feeder Fund



The Satrix MSCI World Equity Index Feeder Fund investment objective is to provide a total return equivalent to that of the MSCI World (Developed Markets) Index, in South African Rand. The fund aims to achieve this by only investing (other than holding assets in liquid form) in participatory interest of the FSCA approved Satrix World Equity Tracker Fund, a sub fund of the Irish Domiciled Sanlam Universal Funds plc. The fund is rebalanced quarterly.

Fund performance

Source: Profile Data


Suitable for Investors who:

  • Want to invest in offshore assets using South African Rands.
  • Want to invest in an aggressive fund.
  • Want long-term capital


MSCI World Index (ZAR)


The Satrix World Equity Tracker Fund (underlying fund) employs optimisation techniques to track the performance of the index, rather than attempting to hold all of the securities in the index.

Fund Manager

Johann Hugo

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