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Old Mutual Absolute Smooth Growth Portfolio



The Absolute Smooth Growth Portfolio aims to generate inflation-beating returns over the long term. Furthermore, the fund employs smoothing to reduce the market volatility experienced by investors within the fund, to deliver a stable return.


Suitable for Investors who:

  • Have a moderate risk profile
  • Are looking for an investment with reduced market volatility
  • Are looking for an investment with guaranteed terms on benefit payments
  • Have an investment horizon of 5 years or more




The Absolute Smooth Growth Portfolio invests in a mix of local and foreign equities, interest-bearing securities and a minor inclusion of local and international alternatives. The Portfolio offers a 50% guarantee on the net amount invested and bonuses earned in the fund.

This guarantee applies to Defined Benefit Payments, where the total Fund Value is available for: Retirement Annuities, Preservation Funds, Living Annuities and Investment Plans. Furthermore, the guaranteed benefit applies under specific conditions: retirement, death, ill-health retirement, annuity income payments and on the Guaranteed Smoothed Value Date, which is set 5 years from the day of the first investment into the fund, and every 5th anniversary after that.

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