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27four Shari’ah Balanced Prescient Fund of Funds

Code: 27SA1


The 27four Shari'ah Balanced Fund of Funds is an Islamic law compliant fund with a moderate risk portfolio providing diversification over different asset classes and fund managers. The fund is designed to deliver investment returns in excess of consumer price inflation over the medium-term. Some level of volatility and capital movements is to be expected over the short-term.

Fund performance

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Suitable for investors who:

  • Seek an inflation beating fund which is Sharia compliant and balanced in nature.
  • Have a medium-term investment horizon.
  • Have a primary objective of moderate capital growth and income generation.


South African Multi-Asset High Equity Category Average.


The 27four Shari’ah Balanced Fund of Funds aims for diversification by investing in a combination of Shari’ah compliant equity funds, Murabahah contracts and commodity products both locally (Rand) and internationally (Dollar).

Fund Manager

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