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Unit trust performance figures are a key feature of our online information portal. At Investonline, we believe that providing our clients with concise and accurate data is the very basic element of our service and is to be expected across all of our dealings. By ensuring that our investors understand the fine print regarding their investment decisions, each client can weigh up all possible avenues before settling on expectations and long-term commitments.

Investonline unit trust performance is tracked in an easy-to-use spreadsheet/chart, showing the past performance of its premium branded unit trusts offered over the last seven years. One can use this to assess the best performing unit trusts at any given time.

Aggressive 1 year3yrs5yrsData as at 28 February 2019
Allan Gray Equity A- InfoInvest
Coronation Top 20 A- InfoInvest
Foord Equity R- InfoInvest
Prudential Dividend Maximiser A- InfoInvest
Prudential Equity A- InfoInvest
36ONE BCI Equity2.13.77.0More InfoInvest
Marriott Dividend Growth R- InfoInvest
Satrix ALSI Index A1- InfoInvest
Satrix MSCI World Equity Index FF A217.77.311.5More InfoInvest
Investec Equity Fund0.65.78.0More InfoInvest
Allan Gray SA Equity Fund-4.45.8More InfoInvest
PSG Equity Fund Class E- InfoInvest
Investec Value Fund18.76.65.8More InfoInvest
Moderately Aggressive 1 year3yrs5yrsData as at 28 February 2019
Coronation Balanced Plus A1.35.55.8More InfoInvest
PSG Flexible- InfoInvest
Nedgroup Investments Opportunity Fund3.54.56.6More InfoInvest
Foord Flexible FoF B27.73.17.1More InfoInvest
Rezco Managed Plus Fund8.32.76.3More InfoInvest
Truffle MET Flexible Fund8.54.38.8More InfoInvest
Nedgroup Investments Core Accelerated Fund0.1More InfoInvest
Coronation Market Plus Fund0.35.35.3More InfoInvest
Moderate 1 year3yrs5yrsData as at 28 February 2019
Allan Gray Balanced A0.85.07.1More InfoInvest
Coronation Capital Plus3.24.75.0More InfoInvest
Foord Balanced B23.53.35.6
More InfoInvest
Investec Managed A2.75.37.8More InfoInvest
Investec Opportunity A6.34.46.8More InfoInvest
Investec Worldwide Flexible Fund4.5More InfoInvest
Laurium Balanced Prescient3.79.8More InfoInvest
Prudential Balanced A2.36.27.2More InfoInvest
PSG Balanced A- InfoInvest
Nedgroup Core Diversified1.65.57.2More InfoInvest
Rezco Value Trend A3.72.75.7More InfoInvest
Moderately Conservative 1 year3yrs5yrsData as at 28 February 2019
Coronation Balanced Defensive A6.66.1
6.7More InfoInvest
Investec Cautious Managed A8.25.26.8More InfoInvest
Nedgroup Inv Stable A7.44.86.9More InfoInvest
Prudential Inflation Plus X1.84.16.4More InfoInvest
Prosperity IP Worldwide Flexible FoF A9.56.5More InfoInvest
Sanlam Investment Management
Inflation Plus Fund InfoInvest
Conservative/ Income Fund 1 year3yrs5yrsData as at 28 February 2019
Allan Gray Bond A7.011.69.3More InfoInvest
Allan Gray Money Market7.77.87.3More InfoInvest
Allan Gray Optimal A8.75.98.1More InfoInvest
Allan Gray Stable A5.06.37.9More InfoInvest
Foord Conservative b27.14.66.2More InfoInvest
Coronation Strategic Income8.48.98.4More InfoInvest
Investec Diversified Income A8.18.18.1More InfoInvest
Kagiso Stable Fund11.010.07.6More InfoInvest
Nedgroup Inv Flexible Inc A9.98.88.4More InfoInvest
Nedgroup Core Guarded5.06.47.6More InfoInvest
Prescient Income Provider Fund InfoInvest
Property 1 year3yrs5yrsData as at 28 February 2019
Nedgroup Inv Property A1-21.6-1.94.1More InfoInvest
Catalyst Global Real Estate Prescient Feeder Fund34.41.912.2More InfoInvest
Offshore Funds 1 year3yrs5yrData as at 28 February 2019
Allan Gray - Orbis Global Optimal FoF1.0-3.93.6More InfoInvest
Allan Gray - Orbis Global Equity FF- InfoInvest
Allan Gray - Orbis Global FoF3.02.17.7More InfoInvest
Coronation Global Em Mkts Flex [ZAR] A2.310.56.0More InfoInvest
Coronation Global Cap. Plus [ZAR] FF A19.40.46.9More InfoInvest
Coronation Optimum Growth A12.77.99.0More InfoInvest
Foord International FF R15.21.38.5More InfoInvest
Investec Global Strategic Managed FF A12.02.78.3More InfoInvest
Investec Global Franchise Feeder Fund25.75.413.3More InfoInvest
Nedgroup Inv Global Equity FF A20.15.812.1More InfoInvest
Coronation Global Managed (ZAR) FF A14.13.68.0More InfoInvest
Nedgroup Investments Global Cautious Feeder Fund 20.1-1.08.2More InfoInvest
Old Mutual Global Equity Fund 14.77.912.4More InfoInvest
Coronation Global Equity Select [ZAR] Feeder Fund11.27.3More InfoInvest
Shari'ah Compliant 1 year3yrs5yrsData as at 28 February 2019
Kagiso Islamic Equity5.510.15.5More InfoInvest
Kagiso Islamic Balanced4.57.35.0More InfoInvest
27four Balanced Prescient FoF A14.95.57.0More InfoInvest
Boutique Funds 1 year3yrs5yrsData as at at 28 February 2019
Momentum Income Plus A9.19.38.9More InfoInvest
Momentum Inflation Linked Bond A1.13.04.4More InfoInvest
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