Coronation Fund Managers

Origins and History

CORONATION FUND MANAGERS opened its doors in 1993 with a staff complement of 18. By September 2015, Coronation investments under management totalled $44 billion. Coronation Unit Trusts account for almost 40% of these investments.

Over the past 20 years, CORONATION FUND MANAGERS have been one of the most consistent industry award winners. Coronation unit trusts have won Raging Bull Awards and certificates throughout its history. CORONATION FUND MANAGERS have won the coveted best management company – unit trust funds only – of the year no less than five times.

Investment philosophy

Coronation investments are driven by a single investment philosophy which is applied across all Coronation unit trusts. Coronation Fund Managers follow a long-term, valuation-driven investment approach. Self-styled active managers, the investment team constructs all portfolios from the bottom-up which means that decisions are based fully on fundamental analysis of companies with a long-term view as opposed to a trading bias. Such analysis would include looking at a company’s financials and strategies. Thus, proprietary research is a given at Coronation Fund Managers.

Investment strategy

Coronation Fund Managers applies a singular investment strategy in managing all Coronation unit trusts. Long term and valuations driven, the investment team follows a bottom –up stock picking process seeking out companies that offer fair value. The point of such a process is to ensure that the investable stock universe is narrowed down to those shares that warrant further investigation and research in order to decide what growth benefit they would bring by being included in Coronation unit trusts. Extensive investment strategy information pertaining to all Coronation funds is available on fund fact sheets.
Whilst international and domestic funds require certain investment considerations that may differ from each other, these differences do not affect Coronation Fund Managers’ investment philosophy and are well considered before being applied to the range of Coronation unit trusts.

Investment team

Coronation Fund Managers boasts a fairly unique achievement in the investment industry. Three former heads of investment continue to research investment opportunities and manage Coronation unit trusts. Similarly, the duties and responsibilities of research and portfolio management are shared by the investment professionals who comprise Coronation Fund Managers. Each fund manager has research responsibilities. These are not geographic or industry based as is the case with many fund managers.

Fund offering

Coronation unit trusts navigate the entire risk/reward investment spectrum. In addition, Coronation unit trusts have grown in number to a comprehensive suite that covers all clients’ needs across local and international markets. Coronation Fund Managers have designed their range of Coronation unit trusts to ensure that they are simple to understand and avoid the somewhat overwhelming difficulty inherent in some fund descriptions. Recently, Coronation Fund Managers announced their restructuring of fees which would impact most of the Coronation unit trusts. The restructuring is aimed at simplifying fee structures and being more consistent across Coronation funds. Coronation unit trusts that have charged on an investment performance basis will implement the same performance fee across all such funds. Fixed fees will be introduced to Coronation unit trusts that are lower risk or fall into multi-asset funds.

Careful consideration has been given to existing performance benchmarks across all Coronation funds with the intention of bringing all Coronation unit trusts in line with a simpler, credible major indices-related measurement process. The re-evaluation of fees and benchmarks at Coronation Fund Managers has occurred simultaneously and is available on all Coronation unit trust fund fact sheets. Expect to see a few mandate changes in a couple of Coronation funds.

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