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If you’re the type of investor who’s interested in exploring boutique funds as an avenue of financial growth, then has the solution for you. Discover our range of boutique fund opportunities; commonly these are more specialised or niche prospects, which cater for those with specific interests and expertise.

Boutique funds are usually regarded as small and nimble opportunities that are flexible and present the potential for exponential growth over the long-term. One of the assurances that attract many investors to these smaller funds is the fact that the top boutique managers invest heavily in their initiatives. For some this is more reassuring than mutual fund managers who don’t support their investment opportunities with their own capital. offers premium South Africa direct investing prospects. Our website gives you the ability to stay up-to-date with changing figures and stats pertinent to your funds. Contact Investonline for more information regarding the available boutique funds, as well as various unit trust investment opportunities.

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At we support our clients with information and data that keep them up-to-date and informed about the state of the investment markets. Boutique funds are usually quite specialized, catering for a particular type of client or focusing on a specific industry or sector. This is another reason to find opportunities that correspond with your interests and experiences.

Investing is primarily to ensure future money and financial growth, but it’s also about the thrill of choosing ventures and opportunities that excite and entice you. Having knowledge and know-how pertaining to the sector or niche related to your boutique fund can be a great advantage when tracking the success or anticipating the problems connected to your investment.

Regardless of what type of a fund or trust you choose, ensure that you’re receiving the very best possible industry advice and guidance before making decisions that can affect your future. Choosing which brokerage company to invest with is one of the most important decisions you can make regarding your financial well-being. Always make sure that you partner with a company or manager who you can trust to look out for your best interests rather than make a quick buck off your investment.


At, we offer an online portal through which unit trusts and boutique funds can be accessed within minutes from the comfort of your home or work computer. With a range of boutique options to explore and premium branded unit trusts to investigate, there’s no reason to shy away from investing today. Contact for any information or guidance that you may need when deciding where to allocate your hard-earned money. Ensure a bright financial future through long-term returns and savings.

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