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Unit trust funds available from Investonline

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It’s always recommended that you keep unit trusts for at least three to five years; your patience should pay off with above-inflation returns in the long-term. This is even more pertinent if you’re investing small sums of money at a time as these will need more time to mature and become fruitful. With Investonline, you can be kept in the loop regarding the performance of your unit trusts, as well as informed about new opportunities.

Manage your investment risks through Investonline’s Internet portal of information and services. We believe each unique client should be as up to date as possible when it comes to investment opportunities and fund data. Contact Investonline.co.za today for more information regarding unit trusts and your financial future.

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If you’re looking for a safe and reliable avenue of growing your money then unit trust funds available from Investonline.co.za is a good place to start. Whether you’re looking for an open investment or consider yourself a conservative investor, storing your funds in unit trusts is a good way to make returns on a wide range of secure options.

An open investment, also referred to as open-ended, facilitates investors in directing their money to investment funds that are equitably divided into units. These units typically change in cost in direct relation to the variation in value of the fund’s net asset value. Therefore, staying informed as to which units are increasing and decreasing is one of the key aspects of monitoring your investment funds.

Investonline makes investing even more convenient for clients by facilitating the purchasing of unit trusts online, offering access to a unit trust performance chart and supplying visitors with up-to-date information regarding the market and available opportunities. Furthermore, we keep track of ever-changing available investments online , allowing you to make informed decisions by analysing changing figures as they happen.

Decide on a unit trust online, to complement your personal investment strategy and style. Every person is unique, and as such, each investment strategy should have its own set of parameters, milestones and expectations. Contact us for advice, or if you simply want to request more information on unit trust funds available on our website.

Unit trust investment funds

The very first unit trust was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1931 by M&G chaired by Ian Fairbairn. This move was inspired by the strength of Unites States mutual funds throughout the disaster of the 1929 Wall Street crash. Within a decade, there were over 100 trusts available in the UK, and today it’s a popular form of collective investment in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Singapore and, of course, South Africa.

Many investors don’t want to spend too much time learning the ins and outs of the investment world and are encouraged to invest money in unit trusts as this is a simple and effective way of storing cash that will collect interest and increase in amount over a certain period of time. As units usually have a high liquidity, they are readily convertible into cash, which is advantageous to investors requiring emergency funds.

Essentially, a unit trust allows a group of investors to pool their funds into the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and Money Markets. As the investment is spread out, the risk of trading on the JSE as an inexperienced person is greatly reduced. Each unit is managed and monitored by a fund manager and typically requires a payment from the investor once a month. Investing in growth or value funds offers profitable returns over time, making the monthly instalments a good investment for future financial stability. Investors often choose to diversify their unit trusts to broaden their portfolios; the more your money is spread across a range of securities, the more your overall investment risks are reduced.


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