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Why have a Retirement Annuity (RA)

An RA is an investment product (governed by legislation) specially designed for individuals to save responsibly and tax efficiently for retirement.
  • A tax-efficient way to save for retirement  Contributions to an RA are tax deductible (subject to certain limits)
  • Most RA's offer low product fees, choice and flexibility You can choose which unit trust to invest in that best suits your needs and you can switch between unit trusts at no extra cost as your needs change
  • What happens at retirement?  One third of your investment can be taken as a cash lump sum when you retire. The other two thirds needs to be invested in a living annuity or guaranteed life annuity. Depending on the pre-tax value, you can also take the full investment as a cash lump sum
  • Online instructions are simple  You can submit instructions and make additional contributions online. You can also monitor your investment and download your RA contribution certificates online.
  • RA’s are lower risk investments RA's must be regulation 28 compliant, which means they will invest in funds that carry lower risks. For example these funds may not have an exposure higher than 75% in equities, 25% offshore and 25% in property.

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