I am retiring in the next 12 months

A Living Annuity account is a post-retirement investment vehicle that allows you to invest your retirement savings and provides you with a monthly income or pension, while targeting further growth on the invested capital.

You are able to transfer your pension fund, provident fund or retirement annuity savings into a living annuity account, after the age of 55.

You are able to specify your own income in line with regulations (between 2.50% and 17.50% per annum), however it is recommended to consult your client portfolio manager to assist you with choosing the correct income withdrawals to meet your needs.

Your Living Annuity can be invested into any top-performing unit trusts available on our platform, and we do not have to abide by any retirement regulations when managing the capital. We will hence assist you with selecting the best suite of unit trusts to match your risk profile and individual needs.

The capital in your living annuity will pass to your nominated beneficiaries if you die and can be paid out immediately, which means that you do not have to wait for the entire estate to be wound up for dependents to receive the monies.

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