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Rezco Value Trend Fund

Code: RVTU

Overview of Rezco Value Trend Fund

The Rezco Value Trend Fund is a multiple award winning fund and has achieved exceptional returns complemented with substantially lower volatility. The Rezco Value Trend Fund aims to outperform the South African equity market over the long term, without taking on greater risk. By preserving capital and creating wealth the fund delivers good returns across the cycle with low volatility.


Rezco Value Trend Fund Fact Sheet

Suitable for investors who...

  • Are Looking to achieve long-term capital growth.
  • That want to preserve the purchasing power of their capital over the long-term.
  • Who seek exposure to the earnings potential of equities while taking advantage of the fund's multi-asset (balanced) mandate, which enables a reduction in equity exposure in periods of high risk


The Rezco Value Trend Fund's benchmark is the FTSE/JSE All Share Index (J203).

Strategy of Rezco Value Trend Fund

The Rezco Value Trend Fund can invest in a variety of asset classes such as shares, bonds, listed property and cash. Equity exposure is currently limited to 75% and foreign exposure is currently limited to 25%. The fund aims to have a long-term average equity exposure of 65%.
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Fund performance

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Fund managers

peter du toit

Peter du Toit

rob spanjaard

Rob Spanjaard

wally gray

Wally Gray

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