Perpetua SCI* Equity Fund

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2018 has been a particularly volatile year for South African investors. From the highs it experienced in the first quarter, the SWIX was down 4% for Q4 2018 dragging 2018’s return down to -11.7%. All major sectors were down for the quarter whilst for the year, only the resources sector delivered positive returns with 15.5% for the 12 months. The healthcare, property and consumer goods sectors were the worst performers for the 12 months.


Perpetua SCI* Equity Fund Fact Sheet

Suitable for investors who...

Investors that seek to sustain high long-term capital growth.




The portfolio’s investment universe consists of equity securities, preference shares, debentures, debenture bonds, money market instruments, property shares and property related securities listed on exchanges, and assets in liquid form. The manager may from time to time invest in participatory interests in portfolios of collective investment schemes registered in the Republic of South Africa which are consistent with the portfolio’s investment policy. The portfolio’s equity exposure will always exceed 80% of the portfolio’s net asset value. The portfolio will also be allowed to invest in listed and unlisted financial instruments (derivatives) as allowed by the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act from time to time. The Manager shall be permitted to invest on behalf of the portfolio in offshore investments as legislation permits.
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Perpetua SCI* Equity Fund

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