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Coronation Optimum Growth Fund

Code: CNOG

Overview of Coronation Optimum Growth Fund

Coronation Optimum Growth Fund is a flexible, international rand-based fund that invests in a mixture of local and international investments across all asset classes to deliver long-term growth.


Coronation Optimum Growth Fund Fact Sheet

Suitable for investors who...

  • looking for a balanced exposure to both domestic and international assets
  • who are comfortable to grant Coronation a wide degree of discretion
  • who are able to withstand short-term market and currency fluctuations in pursuit of maximum total returns over the long term


CAPI (35%), ACWI (35%), ALBI (15%) and BGBA (15%)

Strategy of Coronation Optimum Growth Fund

Coronation Optimum Growth Fund's objective is to outperform its benchmark over the medium term through investing in a combination of the most attractively priced South African and international assets. Coronation Optimum Growth is a flexible, worldwide fund that aims to deliver capital growth through active asset allocation with a long-term bias towards equities and a focus on stock picking. Although equities will always form a heart of the portfolio, the fund has the flexibility to reduce equity exposure in the event of structural equity market over valuation. Although the fund’s mandate allows for 100% worldwide exposure, the fund is likely to always have some South African exposure.
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Fund performance

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Fund managers

Gavin Joubert

Gavin Joubert

Karl Leinberger

Karl Leinberger

Louis Stassen

Louis Stassen

Mark le Roux

Mark le Roux

Neville Chester

Neville Chester

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