Fixed Bonds

This product is suitable for investors who:

  • Require certainty around investment returns at the end of five years;
  • Need to protect their capital;
  • Are able to invest for five years with minimal liquidity

Five years

Old Mutual Wealth offer a Treasury Fixed Investment Bond product, which is a single-premium linked endowment policy which provides fixed investment growth and is paid out at maturity, together with the initial investment.

With this linked policy, the investment is underwritten by Assupol (the insurer) but the fixed investment return is provided by one of the five major SA banks.

Your initial investment will grow according to the fixed bond rate which is determined at the start of the investment.

This gives you peace of mind knowing exactly what your returns or growth is intended to be when selecting this investment offering.

  • Guaranteed investment returns
  • All returns are after-tax
  • Get exactly what you see
  • No tax payable at maturity
  • You can nominate beneficiaries on the policy
  • One full/partial withdrawal in the first 5 years
  • Minimum lump sum is R500,000

Guaranteed Investment return after tax : 6.75 and 6.76%

Investment amount Guaranteed future value
R3,000,000 R 4,158,730
R5,000,000 R 6,934,463

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