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  • What is the minimum lump sum investment into

    R50 000

  • Who handles my money?

    The administrator is Allan Gray Investment Services Limited and you r funds are collected by them and your units are held in safe custody by Allan Gray. is acting as advisor and agent in this transaction.

  • Why is it so important to spread you money across 4 funds?

    This is called diversification and it reduces institutional risk for clients that want to ensure that they receive an above average performance as portfolio is generally invested across the top 3/4 unit trusts in each risk category.

  • What if I want to invest in funds other than what recommends ?

    This can be done via our website – and client have done this already and we will process the business at the same quoted no upfront fee – but it is then done at your own risk from an advice perspective.

  • What is the minimum monthly debit order ?

    It is R1000 p.m. but the minimum per fund is R500 per fund – therefore on a R1000 p.m. debit order you can only have 2 funds. To have 4 funds then you would need to do a monthly debit order of R2000 p.m.

  • What happens if I disagree with my risk profile result?

    We recommended that you do it a few times if you disagree with the result and then make a decisions where you fit in on the risk spectrum of 1-5. Also feel free to email us if you are not sure of you risk profile.

  • What are "premium branded" unit trusts that refers to?

    These are unit trust management companies with impeccable performance track records over the last 3,5, 7 & 10 years to date and are essentially the only funds that offers to its clients.

  • Can I phase my lump sum investment money into the Investonline portfolio recommended to me - as I am a little apprehensive presently?

    Yes you would tick the “phase-in” block on page 2 (section 3) and complete the Allan Gray “phasing in form” under other forms section. This would allow you to phase the lump sum investment in over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months from either the Allan Gray Stable fund of the Allan Gray Money Market fund.


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