• Who is investonline.co.za

    Investonline is an independent financial advisory (IFA), licensed with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). We provide investment advisory and financial planning services. With a dedicated team of professional advisors Investonline provides a holistic financial service that includes regular client interaction, an array of relevant investment and financial planning products and simple online convenience all at a fraction of traditional costs. We are proud of our service history as reported by our many satisfied clients, which is coupled with our superb investment returns.

  • What do we do?

    • When deciding where and how to invest capital, it is crucial to get best investment advice. Where to invest your money can be a very frustrating question.
    • We provide best market-related advice and manage client capital with the aim of achieving best performance. We achieve this by managing your portfolio according to your appetite for risk and investing into top-performing Unit Trusts.
    • Throughout your time invested, we monitor your portfolio and if necessary, recommend changes.
    • We offer comprehensive and knowledgeable financial advice and holistic financial planning.
    • We use the best financial planning tools, fund analysis tools and investment calculators.
    • We keep up to date with the latest financial planning strategies by attending seminars and training courses to stay abreast of changes in the financial services industry in order to provide the best and most relevant financial advice.
  • Why should I use investonline.co.za?

    • We assess your investment goals, requirements and risk tolerance.
    • We continuously monitor your investment portfolio and ensure that you are invested in the most appropriate assets to meet your investment goals and risk tolerance.
    • We personally discuss your investment with you and recommend any changes that we feel will be most appropriate and beneficial to you.
    • We keep up to date with the latest thinking and changes of the fund managers by:
      Attending various fund manager presentations on a monthly basis with asset managers such as Allan Gray, Coronation, Nedgroup Investments, Investec and Foord.
      Meeting selected fund managers every 1 to 2 months which allows us to stress test our investment views directly with an independent investment professional.
    • You have 24/7 online access to login to your own online account.
    • You will receive bi-monthly investment newsletters from the Investonline team with updated market views, fund performances and important changes in the industry.
    • You have access to your own personal Client Portfolio Manager at any time during working hours, to advise you further on your investment or financial planning needs.
    • You have access to a dedicated client services team to assist with any administration or paperwork that may be required.
    • And most importantly you will become another happy and satisfied Investonline client.
  • Is my money safe?

    • Investonline.co.za is an authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP 40592)
    • All unit trusts available on the Investonline.co.za website are FSCA approved funds
    • The Investonline.co.za risk profiler tool ensures that the correct funds are selected
    • Investonline.co.za uses Allan Gray and Old Mutual Wealth investment platforms to administer your investments.
    • You will authorise the fund manager to collect the funds from your bank account by electronic debit for investment on their unit trust investment platforms.
  • Why is Investonline.co.za so inexpensive?

    • Investonline.co.za only uses “A” class unit trust funds so there is no “layering” of management fees; which has become common place.
    • Switching and withdrawals are free
    • The annual administrative fee is so low because Investonline.co.za has passed the unit trust fund managers’ platform fee rebate entirely back to you.
  • Who is my administrator?

    Investonline uses Allan Gray Investment Services Limited, Allan Gray’s investment platform or Old Mutual Wealth’s investment platform to administer your investment.

  • Is there a charge to switching between various unit trust funds available?

    All switching is free at Investonline.co.za

  • Who should invest in unit trusts via Investonline.co.za?

    Anyone who has little debt, wants to accumulate wealth in the medium to long term, is prepared to accept a certain level of risk and volatility to achieve this and generally has a 36-month investment time horizon or longer.

  • How long do you have to invest for?

    A unit trust investment account is not a fixed policy or contract, so your money is not locked away for a fixed period of time. You always have access to your invested capital.

  • Can I withdraw from the account?

    You can make a partial or full withdrawal from the account at any time. Withdrawals take 5-6 business days to complete and are free transactions.

  • Can I change my investment?

    You can switch between different funds at any time without incurring any cost – these are free transactions.

  • Do unit trusts guarantee my capital?

    Unit Trust funds are NOT GUARANTEED as the performance of the funds depends on the performances of what they are invested in and how these underlying markets/assets perform. That is why your risk profile questionnaire is so important.

  • What is a risk profiler?

    This questionnaire ensures that Investonline.co.za is able to establish exactly what each of our client’s tolerance for risk on their money is. Thus, we can establish if you are a conservative, moderate or aggressive investor. This ensures that your investment is placed in the correct suite of funds. It is thus essential that you do the risk profile questions yourself.
    The Investonline.co.za risk profiler tool is formulated within the guidelines of the Masthead Financial Advisors Association

    It is important to realise that your decision to invest in a particular investment category will have a direct impact on your returns (i.e. higher risk = potential higher returns & potential higher losses; lower risk = lower returns & you probably would not beat inflation very easily)

    Due to constant changes in the economic environment and possible changes regarding your personal needs and objectives, it is vital that your Risk Profile is evaluated at least once a year.

  • What if I disagree with my risk profile questionnaire result?

    Then you choose your own portfolio out of our 5 portfolios offered entirely at your own risk or you can select your own funds; again entirely at your own risk.

  • Are my investment funds locked up?

    Your investment funds are always available at any time with no “lock-in” and no disinvestment costs. Allow for up to five working days from submission of the redemption advice to receiving your funds in your bank account.

  • Am I investing via the internet?

    No, you will be emailing or faxing us your application form which we then check for accuracy and completion and then forward to the fund manager’s investment platform for processing.

  • What are the minimum investment requirements at Investonline.co.za?

    Minimum lump sum investment: R50 000 (no minimum if debit order in place)
    Minimum debit order: R1000 per month

  • Do I receive ongoing advice in respect of my portfolio?

    Investonline.co.za will communicate with all their clients annually in respect of the portfolio review process. Your portfolio manager is available for advice via email, telephone or skype

  • What are unit trusts?

    A unit trust is the pooled money of many investors that is invested in financial markets through a single collective investment scheme – called a Unit Trust. Unit trusts invest into different markets and market sectors/asset classes like shares, property, cash and bonds simultaneously.
    You can make or lose money in unit trust funds, but the risk of losing money depends on where and how the fund invests. Generally, the longer you stay invested, the more likely you are to enjoy a good investment return.

  • Our fees

    An initial fee can be deducted on new money invested with our financial advice, dependent on the amount. This fee is deducted upfront on the inception of your personal investment account. We charge 0.5% upfront on investments, with VAT @ 15%, the total calculates to only 0.58%.
    Our method of incentivising good investment returns is by charging an annual fee for our ongoing advice.
    Ongoing annual fees are deducted from your unit trust investment over the lifetime of your investment. This is disclosed as an annual fee percentage and deducted monthly in arrears over the 12-month period.
    Ongoing fees which include VAT are:

    • Annual Financial Adviser Fee: 0.58% per annum
    • Unit Trust Platform Administration Fee: 0.20% – 0.58% per annum
      Other products may have other fee structures, depending on the selected solution

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