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  • Allan Gray Investment Services Proprietary Limited is the unit trust administrator for
  • Allan Gray Investment Services Proprietary Limited is an authorised administrative financial services provider.
  • Allan Gray Nominees (RF) Proprietary Limited is the company who holds your investments in safe custody for your exclusive benefit.
  • Allan Gray Investment Services Proprietary Limited is the company that collects your lump sum or debit order investment from your bank account.

Old Mutual Wealth

  • As advice partners of Old Mutual Wealth, we provide holistic, Integrated Wealth Planning for our clients. This enables us to identify various goals during a client’s lifetime and to develop appropriate strategies to achieve each goal.
  • We offer niche investments and solutions through Old Mutual Wealth, including Old Mutual International investments, Treasury and Advisory Services, Fiduciary Services and Private Client Securities.
  • Through our affiliation with the broader Old Mutual Group, we also offer solutions for personal risk protection and wills.

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