Our History

Investonline launched in 2009 to provide independent investment advice through an online platform at significantly lower fees than the industry average.

Today, the company has added a string of additional financial planning services to its suite of products. From a platform of top performing unit trusts, a bespoke fund of funds, retirement and living annuities, to holistic financial planning solutions, all of which are provided by a committed team that works hard to offer all clients the best financial solutions available. Our recommended investment portfolios have produced consistent returns well above the industry average over the last ten years and have resulted in a strong, loyal and satisfied client body.

Investonline was co-founded in 2009 by Nick Brummer, a chartered accountant. During the course of 2016, Nick took complete ownership of the business. Nick’s responsibility remains looking after Investonline’s clients with a dedicated and accountable team with particular focus on ensuring that clients have the best risk-adjusted portfolios to preserve and grow their investments.


Our ethos provides the blueprint for our attitude to our work.

Finding the best financial solution together with our clients is at the heart of what we do. Through a collaborative effort, we engineer the route to an investment plan that works for you. That’s our work. Our ethos fortifies and enlightens our professional conduct and approach. Disciplined assessment of financial needs and goals, responsible investment planning, superior investment selections and regular portfolio reviews shape our policy of best practice. Teamwork and client service are key features of which we are proud.


Our values enlighten our wisdom.

The application of our collective knowledge drives our internal process. Our investment market experience of nearly three decades offers access to the keenest industry minds. Through our regular fund manager visits and rigorous interrogation of their strategies and positions, we are able to formulate our views and make decisions. Further knowledge is accrued through frequent attendance of financial planning seminars where we gain valuable insight into new thinking and approaches taking shape in the industry. Access to the latest financial planning tools are critical to offering our clients the best solutions available.


Our culture supports growing wealth.

The discipline of work and the application of wisdom culminate in our purpose: to create wealth for our clients and to bring about a sustainable, growth-oriented business. As an independent advisor, we are free to choose from the best investment and financial products in the market without prejudice to our clients. Our independence has assisted in our business growth as more and more satisfied clients value independent advice supported by reliable and consistent client service. Our recommended portfolios have achieved an impressive record showing strong investment performances in their peer groups over the past five years. Actively practising a strong company ethos, applying our values system and living our company culture, we are confident of our mission to achieve growth in wealth for our clients.


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