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Financial Planning Value-add Examples

Have you considered the long-term financial effects of investing in a fixed deposit vs a diversified portfolio, or the lumpsum you should withdraw from your retirement funds on retirement, or the estate planning implications around different investment products? We unpack some frequently asked financial planning questions and scenarios using visual illustrations. These scenarios should provide food for thought around the many factors that should be considered when making supposedly simple investment or product decisions.

Tax benefits from contributing to retirement funds

Retirement funds are highly effective tax saving investment vehicles that have major benefits over the long-term. Contributions towards retirement funds reduce your overall tax liability and importantly, the growth within a retirement fund is exempt from interest, dividends, and capital gains tax.

Check your Tax Efficiency before tax year end (28 Feb)

A recent series of Allan Gray articles highlights some tax-saving tips that are important to revisit, especially with the tax year (28 Feb) coming to an end and ensuring that you have taken advantage of your tax savings.

2022 Market Outlook

Positive 2022 investment returns to be supported by the continued global opening. As we enter the 3rd year post the onset of the COVID pandemic, it appears that 2022 will be less restrictive and life will be more normal as we learn to live with the virus. This is despite probable further COVID variants emerging over time.

Another Rollercoaster Year – 2021 year-end note

After the shock of 2020, 2021 can best be described as a frustrating rollercoaster ride. COVID, by its very nature, has been complicated to manage, leading to a very unpredictable environment and volatility in most facets of life. In this 2021 year-end note, we list important local and global investment highlights and round off with an inspiring Investonline update.

Setting and Achieving your Goals

The starting point of any successful financial plan is identifying and quantifying your personal goals. It’s a process of setting out what makes up your ideal lifestyle. Once you have defined your goals, realistic financial strategies can be put in place to achieve them and improve your lifestyle (or standard of living). We unpack the why and how of setting goals, provide you with a goal setting process, and how we can help achieve them within your financial plan.

How to be an accomplished long-term investor

Long-term investing provides you with a better chance of achieving higher returns, as it affords you the opportunity to take on more risk. Establish an investment strategy that is designed to match your goals, various time horizons and personal risk profile. Then trust it, and don’t be tempted to chop and change when uncertainty presents itself – uncertainty is a certainty. We reveal some interesting data that supports long-term investing and the mindset needed to be a long-term investor.

Endowments save on taxes and executor fees

Endowments offer tax benefits to high-net worth investors with a tax rate above 30%. Consequently, they reduce the tax payable on your investment returns and minimise estate complexities and executor’s fees upon your death. Please read how an Endowment could form part of your financial plan and investment strategy to reduce taxes and executor’s fees.

4th Quarter 2021 Market Outlook

There is light at the end of the tunnel as SA rolls out the vaccinations and most the world starts to open at different paces. Consequently, the outlook for investments is looking more promising. However, markets are never smooth sailing, and we need to be aware of some of the potential bumps ahead.

SA interest rates are expected to remain low for the next two years, which is positive for equities, but negative for interest earners. Therefore, including a measured portion of equity risk into your portfolio is essential to achieve after-tax returns above inflation. Please read our 4th quarter market outlook.

Investonline Webinar 22 Sep – Watch the recording on demand

Our Investment Webinar on 22 September had a record attendance.
Dr Graeme Codrington (Futurist and Scenario Planner) presented on – Life in a post Covid world
Tiaan Herselman (Head of Advice at Old Mutual Wealth) presented on – Tax structuring in retirement


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