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A better investment strategy in a bad environment

If you can’t tolerate poor investment returns any longer, a solution is to “park” your money in a conservative portfolio comprising mainly income funds. This “income” strategy has yielded a steady average 8.7% p.a. return over the last four years. By parking your investment in these low-risk funds, you will avoid market declines while still earning a steady return above inflation. We continue to monitor the market environment and investors can switch into a higher allocation of growth assets when the environment improves. Read more about the strategy and recommended funds.

Guidance for Your 2019 Tax Submissions

The 2019 tax filing season has started. There are a few important changes to be aware of and we have tabled the various deadline dates for the different types of taxpayers.

2019 Third Quarter Market Outlook

The stock market continues to be a roller-coaster ride for equity investors, experiencing regular ups and downs. Low-risk investors continue to smile as they enjoy a smoother journey.

We discuss the reasons for the ups and downs in the market and provide our investment outlook for the remainder of the year.

Tax residency, financial emigration and how to structure your offshore investments

The general rule is that all South African tax residents must pay tax on all their income, irrespective of where it is earned. SA tax residents who have cash and investments offshore are still required to include these investments in their SA tax returns and they will be subject to normal SA income tax.

Gloomy sentiment brings good investment opportunities for South Africans

Currently, as a South African, investing appears difficult in an uncertain post-election environment. We look at investing in uncomfortable times and detail some regular investment mistakes that we should all avoid.

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