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Investonline Webinar | 9 October

Developments in investment markets during the year require a high level of scrutiny of risk/reward considerations more so than ever. Investonline invites you to join our Webinar to learn first-hand what leading investment managers are considering most relevant when looking at offshore and local investments. Our Webinar welcomes Old Mutual’s Director of Investments, Hywel George, who will share his group’s outlook on global and local markets. Hywel will be joined by Etienne Bosch, Old Mutual’s offshore specialist who will inform webinar participants on the most efficient and effective ways to invest offshore.

Return risks for retired investors

Given volatile investment markets that have been exacerbated by the Coronavirus pandemic, it is important that we address the issue of “sequence of returns risk”. This is the long-term negative effect on retired investors if retirement capital declines soon after you retire.

Temper your investment return expectations

With the economic fallout from the Coronavirus leading to significantly lower interest rates and inflation worldwide, we need to temper our investment return expectations. We review a recent investor survey and look at realistic future investment returns.

Retrenchment and Retirement updated rules

During these challenging economic times, there is an increased number of individuals choosing to retire and companies electing to offer voluntary or involuntary retrenchment packages to their employees. This raises questions around the latest retirement and retrenchment rules and the tax consequences of retirement and severance payments. We provide a summary below of the latest…

South Africa’s economy is in trouble – look offshore

For the last five years, this is the investment newsletter that I have been dreading to write. But one needs to face facts and reality. The Coronavirus has fast forwarded SA to a point of bankruptcy and has confirmed the Government’s inability to manage the country effectively. More than ever, it is necessary to reassess how your investments are positioned in the current environment of low SA interest rates and declining global economic growth. Please read our 3rd quarter 2020 Market outlook.

See what the big Investment managers are thinking

In these crazy times of so much uncertainty, it is interesting to understand what the big investment managers are thinking. Although we do not necessarily share their views, we provide a summary of Allan Gray, Coronation and Ninety One’s (formerly Investec) current investment views.

Surviving stressful financial times

As most of us think about surviving the Coronavirus pandemic, by maintaining our health and our financial wellbeing,
we share some important points that should assist you during these stressful financial times.

Investment thinking in these uncertain times

In these uncertain times there are widening opinions on how to treat your investments. We regularly speak and “meet” with the top fund managers in the country. Here is a snapshot of Allan Gray’s current thinking.

Lifting the Lockdown (Phase 2) – New uncertainties

As the world – and hopefully South Africa from 1 June – starts lifting lockdown restrictions, it enters the next phase (2) of dealing with the Coronavirus. Phase two raises a whole lot of new uncertainties to deal with: will infection rates start rising again, if so, how will this be dealt with and how will the economy recover?

Being optimistic during lockdown

Being in lockdown is tough as we live in “unchartered waters” with an uncertain future for many of us. With a bumpy road ahead for the rest of the year, an attitude of optimism rather than pessimism can get us through these difficult times. Read how optimism can bring some positive effects.

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