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An update on offshore investing in a volatile world

Offshore investments should form a critical part of your investment portfolio. They provide many more investment opportunities and hedge currency risk to protect against inflation. We explore the right proportion of your wealth to hold offshore, important retirement regulation changes, the best ways to structure your offshore investments, and provide insights from SA’s top asset managers on the ‘offshore vs local’ investment dilemma.

The 2022 Tech. Sector Collapse

Rising interest rates and inflation have been huge drivers of the sector rotation to value-based shares, away from growth (i.e. tech. and innovation) shares, which has seen tech. shares down more than 30% from their highs in November 2021. We analyse this important market change affecting portfolios and set out the key differences between value and growth investing.

How investments are distributed upon death

There are many aspects to consider when creating a comprehensive financial plan. The most common area of focus is generally related to the structure, returns and tax efficiency of investments during one’s lifetime, but with little emphasis on what happens to the investments upon death.

Inflation – the silent assassin

As the global inflation cycle turns up, how will this affect you and how can you guard against falling behind this silent assassin eroding your wealth. Inflation is the increase in the price of goods and services which ultimately reduces your purchasing power. To maintain or increase your wealth, you need to grow your assets at or above the inflation rate. If not, you are getting poorer as inflation erodes your purchasing power.

Trusts for financial and estate planning

Trusts can form a valuable part of your financial plan, but they can be complex and are more suited to wealth already accrued, and to protect family legacies. They are used to transfer assets out of your personal estate and control, for the benefit of others, either during or after your lifetime. Trusts are separate…

2nd Quarter 2022 Market Outlook

2022 started with optimism for a more stable investment environment after COVID, but then to the markets’ surprise, Russia invaded Ukraine. This is the 2nd black swan event within two years, which is unprecedented.

How to navigate volatile markets

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is the second “Black Swan” event within two years, which most investors find difficult to plough through as emotions run high. We look at the investment cycle driving different emotions through periods of fear and greed. History shows that investors who did not panic and remained rational during similar major crisis events were rewarded with good inflation-beating long-term returns.

Higher offshore allowance, Ukraine, and the Resilient Rand

With another unsettling time for investment markets to digest, we look at previous market effects from geopolitical crises, how SA is affected by the Ukraine crisis, the resilient Rand, and an increase in offshore investment allowances.

Financial Planning Value-add Examples

Have you considered the long-term financial effects of investing in a fixed deposit vs a diversified portfolio, or the lumpsum you should withdraw from your retirement funds on retirement, or the estate planning implications around different investment products? We unpack some frequently asked financial planning questions and scenarios using visual illustrations. These scenarios should provide food for thought around the many factors that should be considered when making supposedly simple investment or product decisions.

Tax benefits from contributing to retirement funds

Retirement funds are highly effective tax saving investment vehicles that have major benefits over the long-term. Contributions towards retirement funds reduce your overall tax liability and importantly, the growth within a retirement fund is exempt from interest, dividends, and capital gains tax.


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