2nd Quarter 2024 Market Outlook

Global equity markets have continued to soar since the end of last year, when it became certain that interest rates had peaked. The conundrum is that markets have ignored all possibilities that interest rates are likely to decline more slowly than expected.

Small investment choices have large consequences over the long-term

Investing through the right investment vehicles and structures can add significantly to the growth of your wealth, particularly when compounded over the long term.

We highlight some simple, yet critical actions that, when compounded over time, can substantially bolster your financial health.

Investonline: Offshore Investment Webinar recording and slides

Last week we hosted a webinar on offshore investing and the benefits of using International Wrappers. We provided an example where we compared a normal offshore investment to an Internationally Wrapped investment and how the Wrapper can outperform after-tax and estate costs.

Why You Should Partner with a Financial Planner

Partnering with a qualified and experienced financial planner can add enormous value by helping you identify and achieve your financial goals, establish a financial plan, invest your savings appropriately and protect your capital against unnecessary risks.

In this newsletter, we will explore key benefits of partnering with a financial planner and the pitfalls of managing your own money.

Assessing Investment Options

Deciding where to invest your hard-earned cash can be challenging, especially when considering factors such as costs and taxes.

In this article, we compare the outcomes of a 10-year investment in an investment property, a fixed deposit at the bank, or a diversified investment portfolio.

1st Quarter 2024 Market Outlook

Investment markets are generally offering attractive values with a positive outlook for the medium-term, as we foresee a new cycle of economic growth emerging as interest rates decline. However, we are expecting volatility this year, given uncertainties remaining in global investment markets, requiring continued investor patience.

2023 Year-end Wrap

In this year-end wrap, we review how local and offshore investment markets performed in 2023, look at the key themes that drove markets, and look at some of the risks and opportunities for 2024.

Understanding Living Annuities

Living Annuity investments can form an important part of your retirement plan but must be incorporated correctly to achieve the best overall tax-efficiency, provide for a probable liquidity constraint, and ensue that the appropriate investment strategy is implemented.

We have detailed the key attributes of a Living Annuity and answered some important FAQs such as the difference between a living annuity and other retirement products.

High interest rates result in higher taxes

With interest rates more than doubling over the last two years, interest earners are paying significantly higher tax.

We cover examples of the higher taxes payable and recommend better investment return alternatives to interest earned.

Bond returns explained

Global bonds have been a topic of interest over the past year as they have been abnormally volatile and are reflecting a potentially higher interest rate environment for the next few years.

Bonds are often misunderstood as their returns are driven by their inversely related interest rates and capital values.

In this newsletter, we provide a simple explanation of bonds, what is currently driving them and our outlook for the bond market.


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