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Investment strategies

Take control of your investments with Having a concise and efficient investment strategy is the first step to reaping the rewards of money well spent. It stands to reason that choosing an investment advisor with a proven record of success is a logical start to creating a successful investment portfolio.

At Investonline, our clients enjoy safe investment strategies that are tailor-made to suit each specific case. Our specialists provide clients with structured, risk-profiled and diversified unit trust investment opportunities – utilise this and access the premium branded unit trust funds within South Africa. Select safe investments from our portfolio of premium branded funds at the lowest cost and you’ll be rewarded with sound advice and excellent customer service.

If you consider yourself a conservative investor when looking for financial investment strategies and opportunities, you’ll likely be interested in discovering the available options from the recommended portfolios, such as our money market offerings. Contact a Financial Advisor today for more information on finding a sound investment strategy through – safe investments are our specialty.

Money Market investments with

A money market investment is a popular choice amongst conservative investors as it carries almost zero risk and it’s very unlikely that an investor will lose money. This kind of investment is typically facilitated by banks and other financial institutions, such as Allan Gray. These institutions administer accounts that store money from high-rated companies and government agencies that are safe-keeping funds for short-term debt obligations. At all money market funds are invested with Allan Gray.

Investing money in a money market account is one of the more prolific forms of safe investment activities as these accounts act as holding places for cash waiting to be invested from the sales of stocks, bonds and mutual funds, as well as interest and dividends earned on other ventures.

Money market investments through involve placing a lump sum of finances into the Allan Gray money market fund. The switching of money from the fund to a recommended risk profiled unit trust – when an investor is ready to invest in the market – is free.

Why you should use Investonline to invest your funds

We offer all of our clients the best possible advice on the most appropriate suite of unit trusts to match their risk profiles and investment requirements. Our dynamic directors, Nick Brummer and Rod Lowe, use their combined +40 years of experience and knowledge to ensure that you reap substantial financial benefits from your investments.

Nick Brummer – B.Compt (Hons), CA (SA):

with over 18 years of experience in the industry, Nick is a well-recognised and respected authority in the South African investment market. During this time, he has consistently been a top-rated analyst in most industrial equity sectors in the annual Financial Mail Analyst rankings survey.

Rod Lowe – B.Com (Hons), ILPA, CFP:

with over 22 years of wealth management experience, Rod is an authority in the South African market for high net-worth individuals in the area of investments. From 2005 to 2009, Rod was one of the leading resources for complementing client risk profiles with matched investment portfolios at Nedbank Private Bank. offers clients easy access to the Allan Gray investment platform while guiding each individual through the process of investing in unit trusts. is one of the initial ventures in South Africa that passed on wholesale prices when clients invest in unit trusts.

We ensure that our services offer a user-friendly and cost-efficient avenue for managing unit trust investments from major fund providers. Some advantages of using services are:

  • access to a range of underlying funds on one administrative platform
  • consolidated reporting
  • the ability to switch between underlying funds at no cost
  • easily constructible portfolios
  • cost effective re-balancing of investments

Enjoy rebates and discounts offered by unit trust fund providers – for exposure on the unit trust platform – that are 100% given entirely back to investors. This is but one of the many reasons why investors prefer our offering over usual investment areas. Also, take note of the following advantages of investing in unit trusts:

  • Protection – An investment mandate is applied to each unit trust fund, dictating the fund’s investment aims. Each fund usually appoints trustees that ensure money is safe even if the management company handling the unit trusts went bankrupt.
  • Recourse – unit trusts must be registered with, and regulated by, the Financial Services Board (FSB) in South Africa.
  • Track performance – an investor may track the performance of a unit trust fund on a daily basis through via the Internet and press. specialises in bringing our clients the convenience of investing over a secure and easy-to-use online platform. Any client with access to the Internet can enjoy instant access to their portfolio. Monitor the performance of your investments, and make quick, affordable transactions from the comfort of your home or office. Contact us for more information on investment strategies today!

1) Money Market investment with a planned switch to an recommended portfolio:

This would be a prudent strategy for conservative investors. The strategy would involve placing the lump sum investment into the Allan Gray money market fund on our investment platform at no upfront fee and then switching amounts across to the recommended risk-profiled unit trust portfolio on an ad hoc basis – when the investor is comfortable to invest into the market.

The various switches from the Allan Gray money market fund to the underlying unit trust funds is free.

2) “Phasing – in” Strategy:

This would involve selecting a “phasing-in” period of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months on the phase-in form. The investor’s capital is either placed in the Allan Gray Money Market fund or the Allan Gray Stable fund for the “phasing-in” strategy.

The lump sum is then “phased” across in equal monthly installments over the selected phasing in time frame into the selected portfolio’s underlying funds – in equal rand amounts.

The phasing in process is completed once all the investor’s capital has been transferred systematically from the “holding fund” into the underlying selected unit trust portfolio.

Allan Gray manages this process on behalf of the client and it is free.

The additional Allan Gray phase-in instruction form under the Forms section is required to be completed along with the full Allan Gray application form to affect this strategy. The client would complete their desired phase-in strategy on the phase-in form, tick the box on the application form and complete the application form with their fund selection (if they are not phasing everything) including the portion that will be invested into the money market fund or stable fund for the phase-in.


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