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How to invest money online

  1. Read these unit trust educational pages: About Unit Trusts | FAQs | Why Investonline
  2. Complete the investment risk profile questionnaire to begin.
  3. Choose the unit trust portfolio suited to you after the risk profile questionnaire is complete.
  4. Complete the Allan Gray investment platform application form and download other forms here.
  5. Print and sign the Allan Gray application form (client declaration forms will print too).
  6. Fax or e-mail the following to

– Signed Allan Gray application form (four pages)
– Copy of ID
– Proof of physical address (municipal utility bill).
– Proof of your bank account details (Allan Gray requires this to collect the funds from your account)

Fax or  scan and email to:
– Fax: 086 586 0315
– Email:

Tips for investing online

How to invest has been a query that every generation eventually needs elaboration on in order to ensure the future growth of their finances in modern economies. With the rise of the Internet as an investment tool, investing right has become even more difficult than in the past. Even though the World Wide Web has provided many people with the opportunity to buy and sell shares and stocks at a rapid rate online, it’s also bombarded amateur investors with a range of choices and opportunities.

Firstly, any first-time investor should consider how to buy unit trusts. Unit trusts are a form of collective investment, which means that it’s feasible for individual investors because they allow them to share the costs and benefits of being a shareholder. Beginner investors with access to the Internet will be pleased to learn how to buy unit trusts online, starting with the user-friendly and secure website. offers beginners a reliable way to buy unit trusts online that isn’t confusing or difficult. If, for any reason, you need assistance, don’t hesitate to utilise our expert advice and guidance. Contact now for more information on investing online.

Steps to investing online

Investing using the Internet is an efficient means of trading stocks, mutual funds or unit trusts, as well other items, without having to go through a traditional broker. However, this is only profitable and worthwhile once you’re proficient in how it all works. There are a number of steps to take that will ensure you make the right decisions when using online portals for investment purposes. Take note of the following:

1. Understand online investment

Always ensure that you comprehend your choices when buying stocks online. There will be opportunities that are well suited to your current financial profile and just as many – if not more – that can end up being entirely wrong for you. Because online investing doesn’t require the services of a broker, it is generally less expensive; however, this means that it will require a fair amount of research and data collection on your part.

2. Select a reputable online brokerage company

Once you’ve decided that online investing is the route you’re most keen to explore, the next step is choosing an online brokerage source that you can trust to keep you informed and look out for your best interests. At, we offer a legitimate, first-class service to all of our clients. We’re an FSB (Financial Services Board) registered company, as well as an approved and authorised financial services provider under licence FSP 40592. The website is Internet secured and protected by Thawte Digital Certificates.

3. Subscribe to reliable sources of information

Take the time to gather information from as many reliable publications and online portals as possible. Keeping up-to-date with information as it happens can be critical for ensuring a healthy investment portfolio. Always ensure newsletters, blogs or websites from which you acquire data are recognised and regulated online authorities.

4. Protect yourself from online theft

As with Internet banking, there are a few simple rules that can keep your online details and transactions safe from online thieves and con artists. Always create unique and unpredictable passwords, and ensure that you regularly change and update these access codes. Never store your username and passwords on your PC, whether at work or at home, especially in terms of your browser and automatic log-in functionalities. Remember to always log out when ending activity on a website, simply closing the browser window does not secure your account.

Making your investments online is a good way to begin increasing your capital. However, it’s important to understand that it’s also possible to lose money if you don’t remain up-to-date and proactive about educating yourself along the way. published a range of online facts and statistics that provide our investors with the information they need to remain informed. Contact Invest Online today to discuss the advantages of investing online and how we may assist you.

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