Why Investonline

1. Choice

There are more registered unit trust funds in South Africa (over 900) than there are shares currently listed on the J.S.E. (Johannesburg Stock Exchange) which makes it critical to have professional assistance in selecting and structuring your investment portfolio of unit trusts. Investonline.co.za has structured risk-profiled and diversified unit trust investment portfolios from the top-performing unit trust funds in South Africa to assist our online clients in selecting the better performing funds at an exceptionally affordable cost.

2. Online Convenience

More and more clients are happy to transact online for convenience and affordability in the transaction process. As long as you have internet access, you have the convenience of monitoring your portfolio. In short, you are able to manage your unit trust portfolio online, at any time, at a very competitive fee.

3. Substantial Cost Savings

Investonline.co.za is one of the first companies in South Africa to pass on wholesale prices when you buy unit trusts. This results in substantial savings relative to the usual 3.42% – 5.70% upfront fee charged by most investment providers.

The following factors enable Investonline.co.za to reduce fees and pass savings on to the client:

  • The administration fee rebates are passed directly back to you which can result in an average annual 0.40% p.a. savings to you on your total investment amount, depending on the fund into which you are investing.
  • The inherent efficiencies of the internet and the very competitive fee structure of our selected investment platform (managed by Allan Gray) allows for attractive savings on the administrative costs typically incurred in the unit trust investment industry.

4. Independence

The portfolios selected are well diversified and have been independently selected by Investonline.co.za on a best-advice basis and on proven, historical track-record performance where fund managers have demonstrated their ability to manage downside equity market risk over time.

5. Safe and secure

  • Investonline.co.za is a FSB (Financial Services Board) registered, approved & authorised financial service provider under Licence FSP 40592
  • Investonline.co.za is one of a select few who have been chosen by Allan Gray as one of their Approved Advisors.
  • The Investonline.co.za website is internet secured and protected by Thawte Digital Certificates.
  • The directors of Investonline.co.za – Nick Brummer C.A. (SA) & Rod Lowe B.Com (Hons) C.F.P. – both have 20 years experience in the investment and financial services market in South Africa.
  • Investonline.co.za is responsible for the investment advice on their website and Allan Gray is responsible for the administration of your unit trust investments once the application form has been received by them.
  • Allan Gray investment platform is an authorised administrative financial services provider. As the administrator, Allan Gray will collect your funds electronically from your bank account and invest your funds into the respective underlying unit trusts selected on the Allan Gray investment platform once your application form has been received.

6. Website access

Once you have transacted via the Investonline.co.za website and your funds have been received and invested by Allan Gray into the respective underlying unit trust funds, you will receive confirmation of your investment by email and/or post.

If you require website access to your investment, then email this access request to Investonline.co.za at invest@investonline.co.za and we will arrange access.

7. Taking ownership of your investment at a fraction of the cost

The Investonline.co.za solution allows you, via our online portal facility, to take ownership of your unit trust investment portfolio at a fraction of the prevailing industry charges.

Choice, flexibility and transparent access to a range of underlying unit trust funds on one administrative platform, consolidated reporting and the ability to switch between underlying funds, and to construct portfolios and re-balance easily and cost-effectively, are compelling reasons for investors to use Investonline.co.za to invest in unit trusts.

8. Ease of use

The investment process (unit trust educational seminar, risk profile questionnaire and application form completion) can all be done via Investonline.co.za in under an hour via our website.

Your funds will always be readily available for disinvestment at no cost to you upon completion of a redemption form. Your funds will reflect in your bank account within a maximum period of five working days on receipt of a fully completed redemption form.

9. Portfolio choices

After completing your risk profile questionnaire online you have two investment option selection strategies:

 1. Select one of the 5 pre-determined and risk-profiled portfolios which Investonline.co.za has created under the recommended portfolios tab which meets your risk profile and investment style.
2. Select your own suite of two – five funds from the 50 funds available via Investonline.co.za under the unit trust available tab, i.e. if you are a more experienced investor who understands the risks of selecting funds outside of our recommended portfolios.

10. Non-discretionary service

Investonline.co.za is the online website for FSP 40592 and the resultant licence in a non-discretionary Category 1 licence. Thus, all changes to your unit trust portfolio must and will only be effected by you the client by means of your full signature on a switch form located under the forms tab on the home webpage. Investonline.co.za may make changes over time to its underlying unit trust funds in the 10 recommended portfolios.

However, the client is solely responsible for monitoring this change process and effectively the switch by way of faxing or emailing Investonline.co.za the fully completed and signed switch form. Investonline.co.za will inform clients via the home page whenever portfolio changes occur, thus prompting clients to effect the necessary switch to their portfolio.

General market advice, portfolio change notifications and the annual client portfolio review process will all be communicated to Investonline’s clients by email.

11. Reducing complexity is a matter of necessity

We believe that by providing complete yet understandable information we can assist in enhancing investment decisions which translates into less scope for any mismatch in expectations and better investment decisions over the long term.

Investonline.co.za is open to email suggestions and feedback from clients where online clients believe we can improve the website to make it more investor friendly and less complex. Suggestions to be emailed to: suggestions@investonline.co.za

12. Auditors

Kirkman Lanfear Incorporated
Chartered Accountants (SA)
64 Roeland Square, Roeland Street, Cape Town, 8001
PO Box 1869,  Cape Town,  8000

Website: http://www.kirkmanlanfear.co.za Tel: +27 (21) 465 6023
Email: jenny@kirkmanlanfear.co.za Fax: +27 (21) 465 6089

13. Ongoing service

  • Annual review of portfolio
  • Four quarterly investment reports
  • Daily internet access to your investment
  • Notification on the website when there is a portfolio fund change

14. Administrator

Investonline.co.za has selected and outsourced its client investment administration to the Allan Gray investment platform. Investonline.co.za feels that the Allan Gray investment platform is the most efficient and most cost effective unit trust platform offering in South Africa at present.

15. Risk profiler

The Investonline.co.za risk profiler tool assists our online clients in choosing the correct suite of unit trusts or a unit trust portfolio that best suits their profile as an investor.


  • It is important to realise that your decision to invest in a particular investment category will have a direct impact on your returns (i.e. higher risk = potential higher returns & potential higher losses; lower risk = lower returns and you probably would not beat inflation very easily)
  • Due to constant changes in the economic environment and possible changes regarding your personal needs and objectives, it is vital that your risk profile is evaluated at least once a year.


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