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Recommended Portfolios’ Performance

Unit trust performance figures are a key feature of our online information portal. At Investonline, we believe that providing our clients with concise and accurate data is the very basic element of our service and is to be expected across all of our dealings. By ensuring that our investors understand the fine print regarding their investment decisions, each client can weigh up all possible avenues before settling on expectations and long-term commitments. Investonline unit trust performance is tracked in an easy-to-use spreadsheet/chart, showing the past performance of its premium branded unit trusts offered over the last five years. One can use this to assess the best performing unit trusts at any given time.

Unit Trust Portfolios to August 2017

 5 Years* 3 Years*1 Year     
Aggressive Portfolio15.811.31.6
Industry Average10.13.84.3
Moderate Portfolio11.57.50
Industry Average9.85.93.9
Conservative Portfolio9.07.14.3
Industry Average8.36.54.7
*per annum return




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