2018 Investment Outlook, Politics and Steinhoff

2017 has been a very frustrating year for investors as continued economic and political uncertainty, both locally and abroad, led to very volatile investment markets. Although the JSE is up 13% in 2017, it swung strongly up and down by 5% to 8% in some months, heightening fears of losing money or missing out on gains. The 13% growth in 2017 has largely been due to one factor, Naspers – up 74% year-to date and contributing 11% of the JSE’s All Share growth. Putting Naspers’ contribution into perspective means that the rest of the JSE grew only 2%. Yet global markets have soared leaving many investors pondering what to do now? A famous banker’s quote just before the 2007 financial crash, “as long as the music is playing you need to get up and dance…” prompts due consideration on how to proceed, begging the question: Do you want to play/risk your savings?
Read our 2017 market wrap where we discuss our investment strategies going forward, the ANC conference outcome, Steinhoff’s collapse and a potential further downgrade.

What is the Secret to Investing?

Everyone is searching for the “holy grail” of how to invest. What is the right recipe for success? Is it about big returns (greed) and no losses (fear)? What is the secret? A recent article from Allan Gray sets out the four fundamental skills of all investing.

South Africans are justifiably angry. What should I do?

South Africans are angry and frustrated at prevailing social, economic and political issues in our country, and rightfully so. From an investment perspective, frustration often leads to making irrational decisions as emotions drown out logic. This is not a newsletter to promote fear and urge you to take your money out the country, which has been the case with many other investment commentators. It’s about rationally weighing up the odds of the future of our country and where the best places are to invest right now.

Is Bitcoin getting your attention?

Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies. All part of the new talk in terms of investment… The price is going through the roof, up almost 10 times this year. Are we missing something? Gurus such as Warren Buffet and Jamie Diamond (CEO of JP Morgan) have rubbished Bitcoin and more recently, ex-con, ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Jordan Belfort’s opinion is being recognised. We try to explain Bitcoin with the aid of two recent articles from Allan Gray and Old Mutual.

Allan Gray – Good independent advice is fundamental

You get what you pay for! You want good investment returns? That means returns that will match your goals, i.e. your appetite for risk. A good financial advisor is critical and worth every cent to ensure your prosperity. Allan Gray says good, independent financial advice makes all the difference. Here are five situations that should influence your decision to seek good financial advice.

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