Investor Returns – Investing in Current Economic Climate

Investment returns have been sluggish and disappointing over the last two years for most South African investors. This is frustrating and is testing investor patience. So, what do you do?

Platinum – the Investment of a Generation

As an ex stock market analyst, I’ve relished investigating the investment case for platinum. I’ve read all the top analysts' research and have found that a perfect storm is brewing. I’ve also included a research report from Coronation in my findings.

Political Discussion with the Democratic Alliance

On Friday, I met with Democratic Alliance (DA) parliamentarian, Geordin Hill-Lewis, the shadow minister of trade and industry and former chief of staff to DA leader Mmusi Maimane. We discussed the state of the ANC, the Constitutional Court's secret ballot vote potential outcome, dynamics of the 2019 election, and the DA's election strategy. Despite all the recent turbulence, the political landscape appears fairly clear. Here are the key issues from our meeting.

Talking directly with the Gus Robertson, Coronation Emerging Markets Fund

The Coronation Global Emerging Markets fund has performed exceptionally well over the last year. Gus Robertson, part of the Coronation Emerging Markets fund team, visited our offices in April to update us on the fund.

The strong Rand? And how to Invest your money offshore

Given the current flow of news in South Africa, the most popular question from investors is how much of their money should they invest offshore?


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